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The position of AACC Nurse Mentor and Retention Specialist (NMRS) was created in 2009 with a purpose of meeting the academic and emotional needs of AACC nursing students. Other Maryland nursing schools have instituted similar programs and are successfully meeting students' needs.

The success of the AACC NMRS program is based on two measures: accessibility and content. AACC nursing students have access to the services of the NMRS, which include Success Skills Workshops, Group Study, and Individual or Group Tutoring. Please email the NMRS to schedule a meeting or learn more. 

In addition, to increase accessibility, the NMRS Web site was created, is updated, and can be accessed 24 hours a day. Use the links in the bar on the right and navigate to helpful tools (listed below) for your journey through the AACC Nursing Program:
  • Steps to Success: includes tips for students in achieving personal responsibility, effective study skills, and improving test performance
  • Test-taking strategies
  • Study tools
  • NMRS Calendar of Events and Announcements
  • Personal support for each student including links to support services

The second measure of content includes an up-to-date nursing student retention program that uses effective and cutting-edge success strategies. Nursing students receive helpful assistance with their individual challenges, both academically and personally. The goal of facilitating the learning of the individual nursing student within the context of the whole nursing body is stressed.

To all AACC nursing students: I encourage you to make use of this program, designed with you in mind, to enhance your nursing knowledge and strengthen your test-taking abilities, all while maintaining a positive outlook. Please consider sending me your comments or concerns to assist me in improving the NMRS program. Your feedback is important! The success of each AACC nursing student is what this program is all about. Take the first step and meet with the Nurse Mentor or attend a Workshop/Study Session. I firmly believe you will find the NMRS program a valuable addition to your success and satisfaction with the Nursing program at AACC.

Heidi Rayner, M.S., RN
Nurse Mentor and Retention Specialist