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Eighty Percent Off Law

According to a recent study, How America Pays for College, the average family spent $21,000 on college last year.  Wow, that’s a lot of money.

College Board, in its recent Trends in College Pricing, also analyzed the average cost of a public four-year college and came up with the same figure.  

Introducing the eighty percent off law.

It’s simple economics.  Start with something expensive. Make it eighty percent off. Now it's not expensive. If we could apply the eighty percent off law to everything, a car would be about the price of a moped, a moped would be about the price of a bike and a new bike would be about the price of a pogo stick.  

Now apply that to education.

At AACC, tuition and fees for a full year are $3,600. That means you'll get the education you need to get a great job at a cost that averages eighty percent less than the big universities. We have top professors at AACC, many of whom also teach at big universities - and AACC has won so many academic awards, we've run out of places to put them.

Don’t forget that we have an interest-free tuition payment plan and other financial aid opportunities that are easy on the bank account. And if convenience is what you need, we have online, weekend and evening classes to meet your busy schedule.

It’s time to invoke the eighty percent off law. Get a steak for the price of a hot dog and get a great education. Enroll at AACC today.