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Ways to Take Classes at AACC

AACC offers many different ways to take a class, ranging from the traditional sit-behind-a-desk method to classes that are offered only during a weekend. These methods are many and varied in an effort to allow you the flexibility needed to suit your individual lifestyle and needs. Read more information on each type of class below. 

Credit Classes
Count toward degree, certificate and letter of recognition programs; many credits will transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

Accelerated Classes
Range from two to eight weeks in length.

Virtual Campus
Includes online classes through the Internet, hybrid (online/on-campus) classes and interactive classes with two-way audio and video from two or more sites linked by a fiber-optic network permitting participation by all attending class.

  • Hybrid
    Require face-to-face classroom instruction meetings (at least 25 percent) with at least 50 percent of instruction occurring online.

  • Interactive
    Use real-time video technology to connect you with faculty at remote sites. 

  • Online
    Conducted via the Internet. Some classes may require meetings for quizzes or to take exams in a testing center.

WEEKENDYOU - AACC's Weekend College
Classes meet on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays and Sundays only.  

Noncredit Classes
Are excluded from your grade point average but are counted in course load. Some classes lead to a certificate of completion, help you become licensed or certified or prepare you to take a certification exam.

Credit and Noncredit Share Classes
Look for a half-shaded upside down triangle symbol for classes that can be taken for academic credit or noncredit. You receive a grade for a credit class. The grade appears on your transcript and can apply toward a degree certificate or letter of recognition. If you enroll as a noncredit student, you do not earn academic credit but can received Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in designated courses. CEUs are a nationally recognized measure of skills or work-related training. With the instructor's written permission, you may transfer to credit status only during the first three weeks or nine classroom hours.

Audited Classes
Are excluded from your grade point average but appear on your transcript. Regular tuition and fees apply and may affect financial aid eligibility.

Alternate Locations
Credit Classes are offered at locations throughout the county.