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Here's what the community is saying about The Parenting Center.

"I have found another important resource out there to help parents be the best parent they can be. I have personally attended several of these meetings and have found them to be extremely valuable and have yet to hear one person who has attended say they did not come out of these seminars full of knowledge and excited about the opportunity to improve their parenting skills. I would highly recommend The Parenting Center to every parent."

--Barb Anderson, Linthicum, MD

"The wisdom and beauty of [The Parenting Center] is that it brings information about family life and child development directly to families. Although research and clinical experience have much to teach all who work to support families, the information is not always readily available to parents. The Parenting Center at Anne Arundel Community College is changing that. By reaching out into the community to bring the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of professionals directly to Anne Arundel County residents, The Parenting Center has a unique role in the education of parents. It is an inclusive, positive, and exciting way to strengthen families. I firmly believe that it does take a whole village to raise a child and The Parenting Center can call itself an elder!"

--Dr. Joyce Cooper-Kahn
  Clinical Child Psychologist
  Severna Park, MD

"As the Lower School Principal of Indian Creek School, I have seen our families take full advantage of The Parenting Center at Anne Arundel Community College. These services offer all families many excellent programs, online monthly newsletters and courses. The extensive and very talented family and staff of this program offer schools and families expertise in all areas of parenting and educating our children. I applaud Dr. Aymard, the faculty and staff of The Parenting Center and AACC for recognizing and addressing the needs of families in our current society. I encourage all schools and families to take full advantage of a program that will enrich parenting skills and family life."

--Rebecca Randolph
  Lower School Principal, Indian Creek School

“I met with Dr. Aymard to discuss ways we could encourage PTAs to take advantage of The Parenting Center. Dr. Aymard took his time explaining everything the Parenting Center had to offer parents in Anne Arundel County. We are very have such a wonderful resource for our parents. The selection of classes offered by The Parenting Center is outstanding....The willingness of Dr. Aymard to bring these classes to the parents only goes to prove what a valuable resource The Parenting Center is.”

--Anita Owens
  Past pres., Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs

"The Parenting Center at Anne Arundel Community College has stepped up to the plate to provide educational support for families in an innovative and critically needed way. Parents finally have one place they can go to find information that is accurate, relevant, and well organized. Most of us recognize that children are our most precious resource for the future, but The Parenting Center is helping us see that we, as parents, have a remarkable task at hand in our effort to nurture and develop that resource successfully. Fortunately for us, The Parenting Center is there to help."

--Lynn Nappari
  Mother of three teenagers
  Student Member of the AACC Board of Trustees

“I am particularly impressed with the Parenting Center at Anne Arundel Community College. The longer I am in the field, the more obvious it becomes that prevention is 99% of the “cure” in dealing with mental health challenges. The Parenting Center serves to meet the needs where they are most needed and will have the greatest long-term impact. I think the creation of this Center is an extremely positive indicator of the forward thinking of Anne Arundel Community. It is the way of the future, yet many other professionals have not yet “tuned in” to this need.”

--Dr. Mark Barnes, IPECPT, CPT-P
  Past pres., The International Society for Child and Play Therapy