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Physician Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  Do I have to apply through CASPA
Yes, all applicants must apply to CASPA initially. AACC will send notification via email when the application is received and instructions regarding how to proceed with the admission process. The AACC/UMB Physician Assistant Collaborative PA Program has a legal agreement with CASPA stating that all applicants must apply through CASPA and meet the established application deadline.

2.  How much does the AACC/UMB Physician Assistant collaboration cost?  
As of January 2016 the total cost of the PA program is:
In-county students:  $37,340*
Out-of-county students: $45,424*
Out-of-state students: $71,501*

All costs are subject to change.

*Currently our program is designated a Health Manpower Shortage Program by the state of Maryland; therefore, a student who is a resident of Maryland may be eligible for in-county tuition rates for courses required by the program. 

3.  What is the average class size per year in the program?

4.  How many applications does your program typically receive per admission cycle? 
Over 400

5. How often do you admit students? 
Once a year. Since the CASPA cycle opens mid-April, we recommend submitting a CASPA application by July 1st so that a completed CASPA application is received by AACC by the deadline date of September 1st. Interviews are held for competitive applicants and selections are made for the new class that begins in the following May of each year.

6.  Does the type of bachelor’s degree matter? 
No, any bachelor's degree or higher from a nationally recognized institution is acceptable.   

7.  Do you offer a part-time program? 
No, our program is a 25-month, full-time program. 

8. If I send letters of recommendation to CASPA, do I need to submit them to AACC as well? 
No, we obtain letters of recommendation from CASPA. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that CASPA receives all three letters of reference.

9. Do my prerequisites and degree need to be completed by the application deadline? 
Yes, only complete applications that reflect the program requirements on the completed CASPA application will be reviewed.   

10. If I retake a course, which grade will count for my GPA?  
For cumulative GPA and science GPA (as calculated by CASPA) ALL courses will be counted in the GPA. AACC USES THE GPA CALCULATED BY CASPA.    

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