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Get a preview of the spring 2017 Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) courses and other offerings at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 5th, in Room 210 of the John A. Cade Center for Fine Arts (CADE) on the west side of the Arnold campus, 101 College Parkway, Arnold, MD.  Check in and enjoy refreshments at 9:00 a.m. at this free open house.

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The Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) is:

  • A community of peers organized to develop opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth and social interaction in an academic setting.
  • Members manage the program and volunteer their time, skills, and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions.
  • Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members can volunteer as facilitators.  There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome. 

PLP Profiles 

Maggie Brinsley
Ted Brown 
Steve Cohen
Bill Daney
Jim Don
Dorcas Hayes
Vee Holt
Eileen Lewis
JoAnn Rich
Paul Schatzberg

History and By-Laws

PLP History

PLP Resources
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Overview of "Fridays with Friends"
Creative Writing by PLP Members
Facilitator Handbook
Fridays with Friends Monthly Schedule

Peer Learning Partnership Program

Participation in PLP activities or courses requires a $30 membership fee that covers a six-month period (January through June or July through December). Registration allows members to enroll in courses and cultural activities. It also covers attendance at Friday discussion groups that explore current events, music and performing arts, science and technology, economic issues, art history, history, fiction and nonfiction books, travel, and films.  

Winter 2017 Term
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PLP-500-101 Peer Learning Partnership Program
PLC-323-101 Development of the Symphony - Pt. 1
PLC-375-101 The Seven Deadly Sins: Great Books
PLC-384-101 Genealogy: Beyond Names & Dates
PLC-390-101 World War II in Asia
PLC-394-101 Baseball in America
PLP-344-101 Witchcraft in Salem
PRC-351-101 Great Conversations | NEW
PRC-373-101 Axial Moment: Global Law & World Peace | NEW
PRC-374-101 Chess: It's Not Just a Game | NEW
PRC-375-101 Cosmology: Unfolding Story of the Universe | NEW
PRC-376-101 Daughters of Sorrow: Women in Greek Tragedy | NEW
PRC-377-101 Russian Short Stories | NEW
PRC-382-101 Vital Ideas: Sex | NEW

Winter Shorts (January 2017)
(Short courses take place in one week)
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PRC-379-101 Death - A Tough Sell
PRC-380-101 Politics, Polarization, and Paralysis
PRC-381-101 Living in Leopoldville Post Independence
PRC-378-101 Weather Satellites

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Please email: plp@aacc.edu