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Peer Learning Partnership at AACC

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The Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) is:

  • A community of peers organized to develop opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth and social interaction in an academic setting.
  • Members manage the program and volunteer their time, skills, and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions.
  • Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members can volunteer as facilitators.  There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome. 

Click on this link to join the Peer Learning Partnership before registering for the PLP classes. The link takes you to a page that looks like you are registering for a class, this is how you pay your membership fee.

Once you've completed this step, join us for our course selections, including: 

Fall Classes

PLC 322 Shakespeare's Contemporaries
PLC 347 England Under to Tudors
PLP 331 Great Books
PRC 305 Scandalous Era Betsy Bonaparte
PRC 308 More Great Ideas in Economics
PRC 310 Two Thousand Years of Music in 12 hours
PRC 333 Intro to WWll: Part 1
PRC 340 Great Decisions Foreign Policy
PRC 341 Great Conversations 4: Part 1
PRC 342 An Intro to WWll: Part 2
PRC 343 Why Don't You See It My Way?
PRC 345 Movie Classic Hollywood

Summer Classes

PLC 349 Finding Your Voice in Poetry
PRC 330 Science Fiction
PRC 337 Future Movies From the Past
PRC 338 The Axial Moment
PRC 339 Practical Tech Info Age

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