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Peer Learning Partnership at AACC

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The Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) is:

  • A community of peers organized to develop opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth and social interaction in an academic setting.
  • Members manage the program and volunteer their time, skills, and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions.
  • Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members can volunteer as facilitators.  There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome.  Participants must join the Peer Learning Partnership before registering for the PLP classes.

Come Join Us!

PLC 392 Ethics III: The Roundtable
PLC 393 Early Christianity: Part l
PLC 394 Baseball in America
PRC 303 Wellington V. Napoleon: End
PLC 391 The Power of Poetry
PLC 395 Movie Genres
PRC 302 21st Century Energy Issues
PLC 301 Protect/Reveal Secrets: Cryptology
PLC 358 Mindful Meditation as a Way of Life
PLC 396 America's Music: Part One
PLC 397 Writing Experience: Memoir/Short Story
PLP 399 The Great War: 1914-1917
PLC 337 Queen Victoria/House Hanover
PLC 398 Great Conversations 2-Part 1
PLC 399 Western Philosophy-Language/Meaning
PRC 300 Clashing Views American History II
PLC 313 Maryland History: 1695-1792
PRC 301 The Mystery of Music

Summer Classes - All NEW!!

PLP 500 Peer Learning Partnership Program
PRC 304 Summer Stories
PRC 305 Scandalous Era Betsy Bonaparte
PRC 306 MD History Art/Architecture

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