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Peer Learning Partnership at AACC

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The Peer Learning Partnership (PLP) is:

  • A community of peers organized to develop opportunities for intellectual development, cultural stimulation, personal growth and social interaction in an academic setting.
  • Members manage the program and volunteer their time, skills, and talents to gain and share knowledge of subjects that may not be conveniently available in academic or social institutions.
  • Using a seminar or workshop format for learning, the PLP provides an interactive setting in which members can volunteer as facilitators.  There are no academic requirements for membership and anyone 16 or older is welcome. 

Wednesday, September 24th

9:30 a.m.
CADE 219

Come ready to get answers, find out about our winter courses and meet some new friends!

Fall Classes-Registration OPEN now!

Click on this link to join the Peer Learning Partnership before registering for the PLP classes. The link takes you to a page that looks like you are registering for a class, this is how you pay your membership fee.

Once you've completed this step, join us for a fall you won't forget, including: 

PLC 315 Moral Settings in Film/Fiction
PLC 331 The Great War: End/After/Cons
PLC 369 Meteorology Basics
PLC 376 Religions of the Axial Age
PLC 377 Evil in 20th Century: Holocaust
PLC 394 Baseball in America
PRC 307 Rome At War: Caesar's Conquest
PRC 308 More Great Ideas in Economics
PRC 309 The Age of Benjamin Franklin
PRC 310 Two Thousand Years of Music
PRC 311 Modern American Poetry 4
PRC 312 Great Conversations 1 Part 4
PRC 313 Western Philosophy: Human Life
PRC 314 Women in Power: Five Queens
PRC 315 Ancient Israel: Period of Monarchies

Winter Classes- Registration begins September 30th  - Click on the link to the right that says Winter Courses 2015 to read about these classes!

PLC 375 The Seven Deadly Sins: Books
PLC 393 Early Christianity: Part 1
PLP 372 Sherlock Holmes: Fiction/Real
PRC 309 The Age of Benjamin Franklin
PRC 318 Swift: Gulliver's Travels
PRC 319 Boom Bust: Lesson Learned/Not
PRC 320 Evolution of the Mind
PRC 321 Great Converstaions 3 Part 1
PRC 322 The Story of the Piano
PRC 323 Winter Stories: Alice Munro P2
PRC 324 Homer's Iliad
PRC 325 Queen Victoria's Little Wars
PRC 326 I Can't Draw I'd Like to Learn
PRC 327 Africa Emergent-Path Independence


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