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Dan Nataf, Ph.D.

photo of Dan Nataf, Ph.D.

Dan Nataf obtained his Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Berkeley.  Both his Master's and Doctorate in Political Science were obtained at the University of California, Los Angeles.  He specialized in comparative politics, political sociology and research methods.

He has taught at several colleges and universities including UCLA and UMBC.  Since 1995, he has been with Anne Arundel Community College.  He has presented papers at several major conferences, both nationally and internationally.  His major academic publication is Democratization and Social Settlements: The Politics of Modern Portugal (New York: SUNY Press, 1995).

Since coming to AACC, he has been the director of the Center for the Study of Local Issues where he has organized dozens of surveys ranging in topics from sea level rise to public perceptions of the Anne Arundel Police Department.

Nataf is frequently quoted by the local press and often invited as a guest speaker to local entities such as political clubs and service organizations.  He has regularly provided color commentary during elections on Annapolis-based radio station, WNAV and occasionally appeared on local television news commenting about Anne Arundel government and politics.

His course offerings include:

 PLS 111 - Introduction to American Politics is offered both as a web-assisted lecture course and an entirely online course.It reviews the history, structure, operation and policies associated with the American political system.  Attention is placed on federalism, public opinion, elections, parties, interest groups, the branches of government and specific policy areas such as individual rights and the economy.

PLS 113 - State and Local Government is offered as a Web-assisted lecture course that reviews the setting for state and local government, federalism, the operation of parties and elections, interest groups, institutional configurations of state and local government and public policies associated with each level of government.

PLS 131 - Comparative Politics and Government - is offered only as a Web-assisted lecture course which explores themes such as "what is political development" and "how can countries be compared" along with a review of the political systems of France, Britain, Russia, China, Brazil and Iran

PLS 151 Political Analysis and Behavior is offered only as an online course and focuses on the interplay between public opinion, voting behavior, elections, parties, candidates and campaigns.
It illustrates theories about voter behavior and public opinion by examining presidential campaigns. 

PLS 200 - International Relations - is offered only as a Web-assisted lecture course only as a Web-assisted lecture course and deals prodominantly with international security studies - balance of power, realism, military force, causes of conflict - as well as international political economy - international trade, business and finance.

PLS 275 - Legislative Internship: Orientation is a seminar meant to familiarize students with various aspects of the Maryland General Assembly's history, operation and priorities. Students read relevant materials produced by the Department of Legislative Services.

PLS 276 - Legislative Internship: Practicum places students with delegates and senators in Maryland's General Assembly. Students write papers summarizing their experiences and discussing elements of a bill of interest to themselves.