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Political Science Courses (PLS 155-280)

Political Science Courses PLS 155 through PLS 280 are listed below.

PLS 155 - Ethnic Conflict - 3 credit hours Three hours weekly; one term.  Gain an overview of historical, theoretical and empirical analysis of ethnic conflict around the world. Examine representative theories and evidence on the causes, dynamics and outcomes of ethno-political conflicts and their impact on international politics. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 111.

PLS 200 - International Relations - 3 credit hours — Three hours weekly; one term. The first part of this course examines fundamental concepts of international relations involving security and diplomacy such as nation-state, sovereignty, balance of power, diplomacy, foreign policy, war and peace, disarmament, international law and international organizations. The second part focuses on political economy including trading regimes, models of economic development, North/South economic disparities and environmental impacts of globalization. Prerequisite: Eligibility for ENG 111.

PLS 275 - Legislative Internship: Orientation - 3 credit hours. An orientation course to prepare those planning to participate in the legislative internship program (PLS 276)  during spring term. Not a prerequisite for PLS 276, but recommended.

PLS 276 - Legislative Internship: Practicum  - 3 credit hours. Selected students are assigned to members of the Maryland General Assembly, committees, lobbyists or associations during the legislative session (January-April). Students perform duties as assigned including drafting of legislation, constituent service and research. You must be accepted into the program prior to registration. Interested students should contact the political science department coordinator by Oct. 1. It is recommended taking PLS 275 during the second eight weeks of classes of the fall term.

PLS 280-299 Special Topics in Political Science - 3 credit hours Three hours weekly; one term. Focus on topics relevant to political science. Courses offered in response to emerging critical issues, students’ interest or the disciplinary strength of faculty members. A maximum of eight credit hours earned from special topics courses may be used to satisfy degree requirements. Because special topics courses may present transfer problems, students should check with their transfer institution or the Anne Arundel Community College transfer coordinator before enrolling. See current schedule of classes for term offerings. Current Special Topics PLS 283 Congress: We the People; PLS 285 Government in Action: The General Assembly.