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Courses Eligible for Portfolio Assessment

There are four departments that offer credit by portfolio assessment of prior learning for certain courses. You can directly contact the department chair/director for additional information prior to applying for the program.



ACH 111 – Architectural Design 1
ACH 121 – Architectural Materials and Methods 1
ACH 122 – Architectural Materials and Methods 2
ACH 245 – Computer Applications for Design

Architecture and Interior Design Department: 410-777-2437

Business Administration/Business Management

All BPA prefixed courses in the college catalog are eligible for credit by portfolio assessment of prior learning, EXCEPT the following with reason(s) given:

BPA 111 - required cornerstone course in business area; all business majors should experience this course;
BPA 125, BPA 142, BPA 211, BPA 253 - CLEP exam is availble for these courses;
BPA 129 - Travel Studies course;
BPA 275 and BPA 276 - Practicum in Business courses that require supervised experience for students;
BPA courses in the area of Real Estate, approved by the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

The following BPA courses are eligible, unless the student is in the Certificate in Financial Accounting program where the Maryland Board of Accountancy will not accept the credits if earned by portfolio assessment of prior learning:

BPA 216, BPA 217, BPA 241, BPA 242, BPA 245, BPA 261, BPA 262, BPA 263 and BPA 264

Be sure to call 410-777-2289 to get an up-to-date information on BPA courses that are eligible for portfolio assessment.

Engineering Technologies

ENT 111 Drafting and CAD Fundamentals
ENT 241 Computer-Aided Drafting
EET 118 Electronic Hardware and Assembly Techniques
EET 140 Introduction to Telecommunications
EET 160 Theory and Troubleshooting Microcomputers 1
EET 240 Fiber Optic Communications

Engineering Technologies Department: 410-777-2436

Human Services & Gerontology

HUS 210, Fieldwork: Crisis Intervention and Counseling
HUS 217, Fieldwork: Theories of Counseling
HUS 275, Human Services Practicum 1

Human Services Department: 410-777-7224