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Policies - Portfolio Assessment of Prior Learning

Please read the policies before applying for the Portfolio Assessment program.


1.  Students must be enrolled in a degree or a certificate program at AACC.

2.  Students must have taken English 111 or be eligible to take the ENG 111 course.

3.   Any credits awarded for courses by portfolio assessment do not count as resident credits. Courses will clearly be identified as Credit by Prior Learning Assessment. 

4. Students must have at least five years of experiential learning outside of the classroom in an applicable field of study.

5. Students can contact Fran Turcott at 410 777-2340 to determine their eligibility for  the portfolio assessment program and the number of credits they could earn by this process. 

6. Prior to developing a portfolio students should obtain the  learning objectives for courses from the academic department chair/director responsible for the courses. The PLA adviser can assist with this.

7. The successful assessment of a higher-level course does not presuppose course competencies that are demonstrated for its prerequisites; competencies for prerequisites must be demonstrated independently.

8.  Portfolio assessment credit will be recorded and clearly indicated as “PLA credit” on student transcript and will not impact student’s GPA.

9. A maximum of 15 credits earned through portfolio assessment and by departmental exam can be used towards an associate degree at Maryland Community Colleges. Students seeking a certificate at the college can earn up to 25% of credits required for certificate by portfolio assessment. 

10. AACC does not allow portfolio evaluation for course credits already included in student’s transcript.