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Procedures - Portfolio Assessment

Here are procedures and expenses to register and submit portfolios for assessment of prior learning.

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A. Take the quick, online Self-Assessment test to determine if you are eligible to apply for the portfolio assessment program.

B. Review course outline(s) to determine if your skills and knowledge from prior learning experience match the course competencies or learning objectives.

C.If you think you may be eligible to produce portfolios for assessment, contact Fran Turcott at 410 777-2340 for more information or attend one of her information sessions.

D.  Go to  This is the tool that AACC uses for portfolio development and assessment. This is a simple course comprised of eight modules. You will be permitted to take the first two modules of eight for free.  This will help you determine if this is a good course of action for you.  You will register and pay $149 starting at module three.

E. Using the self-paced, noncredit course, develop one or more portfolios for assessment. A certified evaluator will make the determination about the award of credit. You will be charged $125 for the assessment of each portfolio.  You complete one portfolio for each course that you are requesting credit. .

F. You will receive a report from about the credit recommendation. You can request a transcript to be sent to AACC at a cost of $15. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the portfolio assessment program, contact Fran Turcott at 410 777-2340.