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Self-Assessment Test for Prior Learning Portfolio

If you intend to apply for the portfolio assessment program you should answer the questions listed below to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this process.


If your answer to each of the first four questions is ‘YES’ then read on. Otherwise, you cannot apply for the portfolio assessment program at Anne Arundel Community College.

1.    Are you currently enrolled in classes at AACC?

2.    Do you have at least five years of learning experience beyond high school outside of the classroom?

3.    Have you taken or are you eligible to take ENG 111 at AACC?

4.    Do you have enough computer literacy skills to be able to access the online, self-paced tutorial and use it to develop portfolios?

   (Note: Even if you don’t own a computer at home, you can have access to computers at the college.)

6.    Do you have the types of prior learning/experience that may be included in a portfolio?

Make a list of your activities in the last five or more years that gave you some skills and knowledge. The following is a not a comprehensive list of examples. Other types of learning experiences may be applicable.

  • College-level learning gained from full-time or part-time work experience
  • Independent study or noncredit college courses
  • Military service evaluated by ACE
  • Learning from voluntary work experiences, including community service
  • Seminar and/or workshop experiences resulting in clear learning outcomes 
  • Travel study
  • Hobbies
  • Other related experience resulting in clear learning outcomes 

 Will you be able to clearly document your learning gains as a result of these activities? You may be eligible to apply for portfolio assessment.

7.   Do you think you can find a comfortable match between the skills and knowledge you gained (in the activities list you developed) and some AACC courses for which you seek college credit?

AACC offers credit for courses listed in the current catalog. You must match your experiential learning to existing AACC courses and their intended competencies or learning objectives.

Browse through the college catalog and identify an area of study (the currently available areas are: architecture, business, cybersecurity, engineering technologies, Homeland Security and human services) and courses within the selected area to align your experience with course competencies. 

8.  Can you accurately document your prior learning with direct and indirect supporting evidence?

You must be able to produce supporting evidence such as letters of verification, certificates, and reference documents to demonstrate your prior learning. You should be able to write an effective narrative of the learning you gained through your experiences. If you can, you are probably eligible to apply for portfolio assessment program.

If you are still unsure about your eligibility for this program or have any questions, call Fran Turcott at 410 777-2340. I look forward to working with you and helping you get the credit you deserve.