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Anab Yusuf, Pre-pharmacy Major

“I have big dreams and AACC will help me pursue them.”

Anab’s drive to succeed and ethic for hard work come from her family.  Her mother is a teacher and Anab is one of three daughters all pursuing their dreams in America.  Her family has instilled in her that what is important is to pursue one’s dream and one must “go for it.” 

Anab is from Kenya.  She came to the States three years ago.  She feels that she has completely adapted to the new culture including getting accustomed to the food and weather.  Her sunny disposition and quick laugh demonstrate her upbeat personality.  “I don’t whine about things I can’t change.”

The educational system in Kenya is based on English traditions and one has to work very hard to qualify for the field of study they want to pursue in university.  Anab understands how lucky American students are to have institutions such as Anne Arundel Community College where students get many second chances to pursue their dream. Anab entered AACC believing that she wanted to be a doctor.  The biology courses that she had to take did not awaken any passions in her but chemistry was another matter.  From the first class she had, the material came easily to her. She really enjoys her chemistry courses and loves the challenges the professors present to her.  A career in pharmacy was exactly the ticket.

Anab particularly enjoys the very open relationships that students at a community college have with their professors and is very comfortable in the warm and supportive environment that AACC provides. Anab plans to transfer to a four-year institution in the fall so she can continue on the path to pursuing her dream.

“I have big dreams for America and Kenya.  I want to become familiar with the field of pharmacy here and perhaps open up my own shop.  Then I’d like to open up another pharmacy in Kenya and provide free services to the people who don’t have the resources for medicine.”