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I am AACC: Benny Davis, Student

Student Snapshot

I am AACC: Benny Davis

Age: 26

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Panama

After almost four years in the United States, Benilda Davis, or “Benny” as she calls herself, has proven that adjusting to a new culture and language is almost as easy as a slice of American pie. The twenty-six-year old Panama-bred student left her father and three younger brothers and came to Maryland as a newlywed to her American husband in 2004. Knowing very little English and with AACC conveniently close by, she jumped right into the community college’s English as a Second Language program and tested so well that she was able to bypass the other required courses.

“I was studying advertising at the University of Panama for three years,” she says. “But then I got married, moved here, and I wanted to get into something that was related. I got into graphic design, which I love, and I got a lot of hands-on practice in software that I love.”

Coming from Panama, Benny only knew graphic designers to design and not to be involved in the creative and management process. “Here,” she says, “the graphic designer is everything.”

Now Benny is in her second semester as a full-time graphic arts student and loving every second of it.

She feeds this passion by participating in the college’s Graphic Design Club, a campus group who now has a Web page thanks to Benny.

"It’s awesome because you can get together with people who are students with graphic design backgrounds and it’s a lot of fun,” she says. “You get to talk about what’s going on in the graphic design world, go to conferences as a group, and if I have a design that I’m not sure about, I can contact them to give me feedback to help me out with my design. And I know they’re not just going to tell me ‘I don’t like it’; they’re going to tell me why and what’s not working which is helpful.”

Graphic and Web Design professor Jennifer Schuster frequently attends Graphic Design Club meetings and currently teaches Benny in Electronic Design for the Web and a practicum class.

“I want to be like her,” Benny praises. “I see her Web sites she designs and it’s good stuff. She is very dynamic and her energy is contagious. She looks for opportunities for us at advertising companies and she’s always on top of it. She’s always making sure we learn and I just want to be like her!”

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