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Betty Spengler, Coordinator, Student Info Services

“I like the sense of community here and the way we really care about the students.”

Betty Spengler, who has been working at AACC for almost 6 years, was once an AACC traditional and nontraditional student. These past experiences help her relate to the students she meets daily through her current job as Coordinator of Student Information Services.

Betty first came to AACC in the spring of 1978, after graduating from Glen Burnie High School. She didn’t finish her degree at that time, but came back in 2000 as a nontraditional student. In 2001, she graduated from AACC with an associate’s degree in general studies.

“The availability of the classes and the convenience of the different formats, including the online and night classes and telecourses, are what really made it possible for me to finish my degree,” Betty said. “For nontraditional students, making the initial phone call or signing up for the first class is the hardest part. But once they are here they realize, like I did, that they can do this.”

Betty started working at AACC in March of 2000. She is part of a team that assists students, faculty, the community, and visitors of the college via phone, e-mail, and in person.

“We provide many services at the campus information center, such as issuing ID cards, printing schedules, helping students with MyAACC, giving directions, and answering students’ questions,” explained Betty. “We had contact with over 200,000 students in FY2005.”

After graduating from AACC, Betty started pursuing her bachelor’s degree at University of Maryland, University College. Betty is looking forward to May 13 when she can proudly graduate with a bachelor’s in communications and minor in business administration. She plans to stay in higher education and continue to find ways to help students.

“I like the sense of community here and the way we really care about the students,” said Betty. “I am always excited when I see people my department has helped doing well. The people at the college all work together to help students and each other. I really believe in the college’s vision to prepare our students to be the best workers of the world.

“AACC is a great place to take a class for personal enrichment or to get a foundation to further your education,” Betty continued. “Students are given a really firm base here to build their education upon. The smaller classroom sizes and the individual interactions with faculty and staff go a long way in building that foundation. We also have such a wide array of programs and the college is affordable and convenient.”

Interested in learning more about Betty’s AACC experience? Send her an e-mail!