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Carole Dressler, Cashier for Dining Services

“Everyday is a great day at AACC!”

Carole Dressler has truly enjoyed working at AACC for the past five years.

“I like everything about AACC,” said Carole. “There is beautiful scenery, everyone is so nice, and I enjoy the benefit of continuing my education.”

Carole moved to Arnold five years ago and came to the College Store to see if they were hiring. However, while she was there she met some people from Dining Services and found out that they were hiring. They were very impressed with Carole’s previous experience in the food industry, which included working for Baltimore County Food Service for 27 years.

Working as the cashier in the Student Union Dining Hall, Carole is able to interact with students, faculty and staff on a regular basis. Being a people-person, Carole is always happy to greet and assist anyone she can. She also gets to apply her food knowledge and experience when she helps with catering for events at the college.

“As a cashier, I am the first person some people see in the morning when they get their coffee and breakfast,” said Carole. “They don’t need someone who is gloomy; they need someone who is positive. I believe that everyday is a great day at AACC!”

Carole’s positive attitude easily rubs off on people, including her co-workers. Besides working with food, Carole really enjoys the upbeat and friendly people she works with. She said it feels like one big family.

Carole has no plans to retire anytime soon. She would like to take some more classes at the college and continue to serve the college community.

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