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Chad Burns, Student Association President

“This is the place to get involved and this is where you will change your life for the better.”

Chad Burns came to AACC in the fall of 2004 from Mount St. Joseph High School in Baltimore. He wanted to explore his career options while staying close to home. During the past year, this sociable and energetic young man discovered that AACC has a lot more to offer than just academics.

Chad was always involved in extracurricular activities in high school and he brought that enthusiasm with him to college. In addition to being involved in other clubs on campus, he became a member of the Student Association, then the treasurer, and now the president of the association.

“When I first got involved it looked like a lot of work, but then I realized that the reason I enjoyed being there was that I was a part of something,” said Chad. “I think that Americans, as a whole, enjoy being part of a group and a movement that we believe in strongly and support. I felt that the Student Association was that group for me that really gave me a connection with the college, with the students, and even with the professors.”

Chad, who is studying business administration, said that during the past year he has learned a lot of great things from being so active on campus. He said that what he likes most about AACC is the teacher and student interaction and how welcoming everyone is.

“You will be surprised at the level of learning at this institution and the interesting and unique ways the professors present the material – making it come alive. It seems like everyone wants to see the students succeed and students definitely come first [at AACC].”

Chad enjoys being a part of the Student Association. He finds it very rewarding because he can contribute to something while at the same time gain new experiences. In addition, he mentioned that there are advantages and perks to being involved and that all students are welcome to attend meetings and volunteer to help with events and activities.

“This is the place to get involved and this is where you will change your life for the better," said Chad. "I believe that after you do that here, you are only setting yourself up for success. You are going to have a great career and a great life and you are going to feel proud of what you accomplished.”

Next fall Chad plans to transfer to University of Maryland, College Park, where he will pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He then hopes to get a MBA and return to AACC to get a degree in Information Systems Security.