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Chet R. Stanton, President of the Entrepreneurs Club

"AACC Professors are second to none!"

Chet has been an entrepreneur since he was seven.  When his father made him a go-cart, he realized that his friends loved it as much as he did, so he rented it out for rides.  He enjoys business and is particularly good at sales.  When he enlisted in the Navy, he ran the store on the aircraft carrier.  This experience gave him the skills he needed to start an online video game rental company when he left the Navy after a seven-year term of service.  He is strongly grounded in the teachings of his church and the violent nature of videogames eventually reinforced his desire to learn more about Web sites and move away from the electronic games.

Chet is a natural and quick learner.  He could easily make a comfortable living without the benefit of a college degree, but the validation is important to him. He plans on earning two degrees, one in computer technology and the other in business administration.

“The degrees provide credibility.  I am open to all possibilities, forging new paths and finding different ways to do things. My current idea is to explore creating a concierge business service”

Chet has attended several higher education institutions and likes AACC because he has gottten to know his professors.  He listens to their personal experiences and probes to determine how they think and applies it to his own situation.  He seeks opportunities to learn by volunteering. That's one of the reasons he is serving as the president of the AACC Entrepreneur's Club. It's a great way to foster lasting relationships among students, faculty and the business community. Truly entrepreneurial in spirit, Chet is getting as much as he can from AACC to apply it to his future. 

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