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Meet Craig Reynolds, Student Board Member

“It seems like AACC goes out of its way to be student friendly and help any way it can.”

Craig Reynolds is not only a conscientious student, but also a very active one. This criminal justice major is a community service advocate, the Chief of Staff to the Governor of the Maryland Student Legislature, and a full-time military affairs desk officer for the Department of Defense at Fort Meade. Craig was also recently appointed to a one-year term as student member of the AACC Board of Trustees.

This bright 21-year-old student decided to apply for the Board of Trustees position because he felt that he could learn from the experience and give back to AACC before he leaves.

“It looked interesting and it seemed like something that would teach me a lot,” said Craig. “Through all the people I’ll meet in meetings and at other events, I will probably learn various information.”

Craig was excited to hear that he had been chosen for the position. As the student representative to the Board of Trustees, Craig represents the more than 53,000 students who take credit and noncredit classes annually at AACC. 

“I feel lucky because I think a lot of people applied and it was great that I was chosen,” added Craig. “It is a lot of responsibility. I can see people and learn from them and they can see me and learn from me.”

When Craig isn’t working, going to class, attending a meeting, or watching his favorite show Law & Order, he can be found in the community helping others. After participating in some community service projects through a previous employer, Craig discovered how satisfying community service work can be. Now, whenever he has an opportunity to help out, he does.

“It makes me feel good,” said Craig. “I get to meet new people and learn new things.”

Craig is pleased with his experience at AACC and he thinks that choosing to go to AACC makes sense, especially for Anne Arundel County students.

“It seems like AACC goes out of its way to be student friendly and help any way it can. I hear complaints from my friends [who go to other colleges] about their teachers and I have no complaints about my teachers or anything like that. Come to AACC because it's cheaper than 4-year schools and you get more here than you would [at a 4-year school] because it is a different environment.”

Craig plans to graduate in May 2006. He then wants to go to the University of Baltimore to get a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, become a special agent with the Department of Defense, and eventually transfer out of state to work, probably to Colorado.

In the meantime, if you hear the theme music from the NBC show Law and Order around campus, it’s most likely Craig’s cell phone ringing.