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David Tengwall, Ph.D., Coordinator of Travel Study

"Traveling really gives students a better perspective of the world."

He has been to Europe 40-50 times (so many he lost count!). He has been to every major country in Europe at least twice, and he visited London with AACC students for the 14th time in January 2007. You could say Professor David Tengwall is a traveler at heart.

For over 20 years, Dr. Tengwall and his wife of 35 years, Cathy, have led travel-study groups to Europe.

“I love to see the students' faces when they see something for the first time,” said Dr. Tengwall. “The first night we arrive in London, I take them to Westminster. We ride in the subway called ‘the tube.’ We come out of a particular stairway and they see it - Big Ben all lit up. When they see Big Ben, they know they are in London.  The students probably shoot a roll of film in one night. It is so great to hear their stories.”

There are several travel-study opportunities available this academic year including:

  • History of Medieval and Renaissance England 
  • The Italian Renaissance
  • A Visit to Luther’s Germany
  • Shakespeare’s Plays in Shakespeare’s England
  • European Common Market
  • The Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright Experience

Travel study courses are open to both credit and noncredit students. “It is hard for a student coming to AACC to really have a true perspective of the world,” said Dr. Tengwall. “Even though we are so close to Washington, we live in a cocoon. I think that traveling and interacting with people outside of America and even outside of Anne Arundel County really gives students a better perspective of the real world that they live in. Students get to experience a way of life that is so different from America. It is an eye-opening experience. You can take a foreign language course in the classroom, but to actually go to the country and experience it - you can’t beat that.”

Professor Tengwall teaches history and political science classes and is the department chair for the history, political science, and philosophy departments and the honors program. He is also the coordinator of travel study program at the college. He started at AACC 28 years ago as a history professor. There are now six full-time professors in the history and political science department and all of them have their Ph.Ds. According to Dr. Tengwall, no other history and political science department at a community college can claim such a faculty. He is very proud of the stellar teaching the department can provide.

“I love this place, especially the diversity of things you are able to do here as a professor,” said Dr. Tengwall. “Faculty are encouraged to do some many things outside their traditional realm. Everything about my job and my tenure here has been extremely rewarding for me.”

When he is not busy teaching, traveling, or spending time with friends and family (which includes four children and five grandchildren), Dr. Tengwall works on finishing his book about the Portuguese revolution of 1640. He is also scheduled to be ordained as a deacon in the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Baltimore in May 2007.

Want to learn more about any of the travel study opportunities at AACC or Professor Tengwall's experience at AACC? Send him an e-mail!