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Devin Duvall, Summer Bridge Student

There’s no excuse why someone can’t get a great education at AACC.”

While some students might be relaxing in the summer before they start their college career, Devin has been getting a jump start on the college experience by enrolling in the Summer Bridge Program.  It’s an intensive four-week program that gives students the skills and confidence to be successful in college.

Devin just graduated from Annapolis High School.  He’s heard all the put-downs about community colleges being grade 13.  He’d like to dispel that rumor right up front.

“It’s a great school.  I’d recommend it to anyone.  It is a real college and at AACC you’re getting a top education and you’re saving money, too.  I don’t know why more students don’t come here.”

The Summer Bridge Program helped Devin identify his major.  He’s always liked video games and tinkering with computers; now he’s confident that majoring in computer science is the right field of study for him. Devin also made connections with other students and a host of professors.  He knows that he can call on these teachers if he gets in a pinch and he has the support of this new network of friends who are experiencing the same things as he is for the first time.

“There’s no doubt that college is a big improvement over high school.  I loved the Summer Bridge Program and it helped me meet the expectations of college.” 

Devin definitely gained self-esteem and confidence through the program. Now he’s planning on learning to write verse to help him express himself more assertively.  No doubt this young man is going places.