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Fitz Raymond, Math Major

Together we can help each other achieve great things.”

Fitz speaks with a beautiful lilting Jamaican accent.  He is easy to understand but he admits that he has had to work very hard at it.  He came from Jamaica to the US to study math and wants to be a computer engineer.  Along the way, however, he is driven to help his fellow Carribbean brothers and sisters feel more at home while they are attending school here and help other African American students realize their full potential. 

He has always loved science and a challenge. He took a course to learn standard English and says he would actually like to major in English one day after he lands his dream job in the computer field. 

Fitz says the experience at AACC has been an eye-opener for him.  “The instructors are strongly prepared.  They really know their subject area.”

He understands more than most, that you have to have teamwork in whatever you do to be successful.  “Frankly, sometimes students do not understand the value of teamwork or their education.”

He wants to help the underachievers realize they must not accept sub-par performance in themselves and he hopes to motivate them through the warmth and support of a Caribbean Student Association. “Together we can help each other academically and socially to achieve a high level of education as well as enjoying our culture away from home.”

Fitz is seeking other students to support him in his goal to form this club and help other students appreciate what AACC has to offer.  Contact him today and learn more about the Caribbean Student Association.