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Gidel Torres, General Studies Student

“At AACC, there are a lot of options and opportunities.”

Four years ago Gidel Torres and her parents came to the United States from the Philippines. Gidel attended Old Mill High School for her senior year and then came to AACC in the fall of 2003. She was awarded two scholarships and one federal grant.

She started taking biology classes so she would have the prerequisites required to get into the competitive radiologic technology program at AACC. When she didn’t get accepted, she decided to enlist in the U.S. Navy and try to get into its rad tech program. Gidel is planning to leave for boot camp on July 3, if she is accepted into the medical program.

Gidel currently works for Institutional Advancement at AACC and loves it! She has been working there since August 2004.

“I really like working with them,” said Gidel. “Everyone is so nice and supportive in every way. They are also very understanding.”

Taking classes and working at the college has really helped this already bright young woman blossom. Gidel speaks Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines; Ilonggo, the country’s dialect; and English. She was the vice president for the International Student Association from 2003-2004 and is still an active member.

“AACC helped me a lot not only in my education, but also with work experience,” said Gidel. “I was able to meet remarkable people, including President Bush and Senator Sarbanes by helping out at events at the college. At AACC, there are a lot of options and opportunities. It is also very convenient. You can take classes online or on campus. Every faculty and staff member is willing to help in any way possible. They really value their students.”

Gidel is planning to graduate this May. She will continue to pursue radiologic technology and strive to be successful in the field. She is also looking forward to visiting her five sisters in the Philippines.

Interested in learning more about Gidel’s experience? Send her an e-mail!