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Meet Jessica Hernandez, former Jump Start Student

“Taking an AACC class in high school, made me feel more comfortable about college.”

Jessica graduated from Chesapeake High School last year.  While she was still in high school, she visited her guidance counselor over six times to rearrange her senior year schedule.  Finally in mock expasperation, her counselor asked her what her long-term goals were.  Jessica was editor and chief of her high school yearbook and really liked to write. She didn’t feel comfortable taking an Advanced Placement (AP) English class because everything hinged on passing the test.  Both the AP test and knowing that the class is taught geared to the test were distasteful to her.  When the counselor suggested a Jump Start English course through AACC, she thought that was just the ticket.

“I really liked the professor.  The class was taught using a peer review technique that provided me with the confidence that my skills were good compared to the other college students in the class. I came to the main campus for the class and I’ve been taking classes here ever since.”

She highly recommends a Jump Start course to any one who wants to get ahead and do something valuable with their time in high school especially if they’ve earned most of their credits for graduation.  The Jump Start program allows you to take a class at ½ the regular tuition rate too.  “The experience at AACC has been really good.  Everyone is really helpful and it made the transition to college so smooth.”

Jessica has carried an unusually heavy load and earned a 4.0 GPA last semester.  She works close to 30 hours per week for the yearbook company that published her own high school yearbook.  Eventually she plans on a career that combines graphics and public relations work. She’d like to transfer to College Park to major in communications.  Jessica likes to stay really busy, “I try not to let myself slack-off.”  That’s hardly a problem!  She is very active in her community: president of the county 4-H, volunteer in the local fire department, volunteer for the county fair and active in her church.

While Jessica is highly motivated to finish quickly, she knows that other high school students are not as driven as she is.  “I haven’t been asked to give a testimonial about the program, but I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone to take advantage of!”