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Joel Colon, Human Services Club President

“AACC dispelled my image of two-year schools.  It’s great!”


After Joel graduated from Old Mill High School in 1999, he worked full time in sales.  He felt that he wasn’t ready for college yet.  He says he didn’t have the discipline or the maturity.

“You have to go to college for yourself.  You can’t do it for someone else or it’s not going to be worth it.”

After that early work experience, he is highly motivated and makes good grades.  He is majoring in human services pursuing the law and social practice option.  His plan is to transfer to UMBC, earn a master’s in social work and eventually open up his own private therapy practice.  He cites a person who took the time to help him when he was young, as his inspiration. There is a quiet determination and strong spirit in his conviction to help others.

He appreciates AACC and says it was a great place to start, “You come in knowing nothing.  The staff are very helpful.”

In particular he remembers the caring financial aid staff who helped him fill out the FASFA form which was really confusing for a youth, armed only with his parents’ tax return. “I was thrilled with them!”

He says his biggest misconception about AACC was the stigma associated with being a two-year school and placing it on the low-end of the spectrum of higher education institutions. "Attending AACC and experiencing the helpful staff was what broke that stereotype. It's a great place to start your higher education!"