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Joyce Schmuff, Second-year Nursing Student

“AACC has so many resources.  If you have the will, AACC will help you find the way.”

Joyce gets teary-eyed when she talks about where she is today.  Nursing has been her dream since she was in high school. Marriage and raising two girls sidestepped her from pursuing this goal for many years. When her abusive marriage ended several years ago, she found herself in a job that paid as much as her young daughter was making and realized that she would never achieve financial independence without going back to school. Her dream of becoming a nurse was reawakened and she was detemined to do it.

Joyce had never been to college and she had to start from scratch. “I needed to take five remedial math classes to get up to speed and all of the basic science classes before I could even get started on my required courses.”

Joyce started out slowly, one class each term.  She was working full time, raising two children and selling Avon on the side. As she gained confidence, she doubled up on her classes.  She gives AACC credit for its incredible support.

“Never lose sight of your dreams and goals.  This college has always been there for me.  There are so many resources here.  If you’ve got the will, AACC will help you find the way.”

Joyce has taken two online classes and loved the flexibility they gave her to meet the needs of her busy schedule and balance her life.  She warns however, “You have to be very disciplined and organized to take them.”

Reaching the second year of nursing school is a milestone for Joyce.  She marvels at how the material that seemed so alien to her last year is familiar ground now.  The end is in sight for her and she is excited.  The Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony is special for all nursing graduates, but for Joyce it will be a dream come true.