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Kathryn C. Peria, Campus Activities Board (CAB) Chair

“AACC really trained me to be more dedicated with what I do.”

Kathryn Peria is a bright young woman with lots of dreams. She grew up in the Philippines and came to the United States when she was 13. Her family is very artistic, with a father who is an artist, a mother who is into crafts, and brothers who enjoy painting. Kathryn shares her family’s love of art and also has a desire to help people.

When she started at AACC last fall she didn’t know what she wanted to do. She considered being a writer, an actress, a fashion designer, and a nurse. She eventually was able to narrow it down to two careers: fashion designing and nursing.

Kathryn keeps herself busy as a nursing and art history major. She wants to finish the majority of her art classes and then apply for the RN program at AACC. After she graduates from AACC, she wants to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York to earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. She plans to work as an RN while she pursues her bachelor’s in fashion design and then eventually get a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

So Kathryn has big plans for herself and she feels AACC is preparing her for her future.

“AACC really trained me to be more dedicated with what I do,” said Kathyrn. “The professors and the way the classes are structured helped me the most. The classes are small and the professors try to help you out as much as they can.”

Kathryn is focused on her classes right now, but she is looking forward to her future career as a travel nurse and fashion designer. As a travel nurse, she will go travel to various cities, stay for a couple of months and then transfer to another place. She hopes to do fashion design on the side. One might say she will be a very fashionable nurse!

Kathryn also keeps busy as the Campus Activities Board (CAB) chair. CAB plans, promotes and produces social activities for the campus community.

“Being involved with CAB really helped me to be more open to people and accept people for their differences. It taught me to be a good leader and to understand people. It is really fun and you get a lot of experiences that help prepare you for the professional world.”

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