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Jen Kohlhafer, Dance Major

“AACC has encouraged me to pursue my dream and reach for the stars.”
Jen started to dance when she was five.  She’s taken 15 years of dancing lessons but when she came to AACC, she wasn’t majoring in dance.  Although dance is her love and her passion, she had a more "practical" major.  It wasn’t until she enrolled in a dance class with Linda Fitzgerald that she realized she had a calling.

“Linda is wonderful. For anyone who is willing to learn, Linda extends her knowledge of dance and she makes you love it. I know it’s tremendously risky but I am going with what my heart tells me.”

Jen will graduate from AACC in the spring and hopes to transfer for a baccalaureate degree to one of three schools; Towson University, Point Park College in Pittsburgh or even Julliard in N.Y.C.   Jen’s dream is to be a professional dancer in New York—dancing jazz in the tradition of Bob Fosse. She knows it won’t be easy, but she’s groomed herself with lots of professional experience on the local scene that’s provided her with lots of experience.  She’s danced in seven shows with Chesapeake Music Hall.  Last year she had a lead role in “42nd Street" and now she’s currently rehearsing for “Pippin” in which she also has a feature role.

“I enjoyed working with Bob Kaufman and Barbara Marder is great, too.  I hope people realize what a wonderful asset the theater is to this college and come out and see the current production that opens on Nov. 12.  Of course people need to come out and see the AACC Dance Co. show, ‘Enter Stage Left' on Dec. 3-4, too.”

Jen’s enthusiasm for dance is contagious.  She works very hard at it and is a wonderful ambassador for the program.  You know when you talk to her that some day you will be able to say that you saw her when she performed at AACC and now look at her! She just smiles…