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Kristen Kibler, Student Athlete

“I think AACC is the best path for a student to get started in college.” 

Kristen Kibler has changed dramatically in just one year. Her team picture from a year ago seemed like one that had been mislabeled.  When she became captain for the 2004 women’s lacrosse team, she decided she needed to lose some weight to serve as a role model for the team. In the process of stepping up her activity level and watching what she ate, she lost 50 lbs.  That was the good news; the bad news came in the form of a stress fracture of her hip from running.  Kristen took it in her stride.  Hobbling around on crutches, she supported her team as they earned a number two ranking in the nation.   

Her plans certainly have changed. One would never suspect that Kristen didn’t play lacrosse in high school at Broadneck.  She was an excellent soccer player and she was recruited along with several other soccer players, when Jim Griffiths, the women's soccer and now new lacrosse coach, was fielding a team last year. He taught her the basics of goal-keeping and she easily mastered the skills. Today she’s waiting to hear from several four-year colleges about an athletic scholarship for lacrosse.  Sports have been an excellent way for Kristen to excel, but she hits her books hard, too. She’s been recognized as all-region and nominated as all-American in her freshman year for soccer.

“I think AACC is the best path for a student to get started in college.  It’s a misconception that the classes are easier, but you can get used to college and save money at the same time.” 

She adds some advice to other student athletes still in high school, “Many good high school athletes may not get noticed by universities.  If you consider playing at the junior college level, college recruiters will see what you can do. The coaches here will see that you get attention and a lot of exposure.” It certainly has changed Kristen’s life.