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Meet Lonnie Jordan, Business Major

“A degree from AACC is an asset.  You’ll never regret your decision to come here.”

Lonnie was laid off from a pharmaceutical sales job at the tender age of 24. He really liked the job a lot and they gave him a good severance package.  He was able to work his way up in the pharmaceutical company because they knew him and liked his work, but it’s harder to land an equivalent job without a degree so he decided to come back to school to get one in business.

“I decided on AACC because one of my teachers in high school recommended it.”

What’s a little unusual about that is Lonnie went to high school in Baltimore County. He originally thought he wanted to be a chef and went into the culinary arts program at Western Technical High School.  The teacher’s recommendation stuck with him when the choice about what college to attend came up, so he didn’t hesitate and enrolled at AACC.

“I love to cook, but the lifestyle of a chef isn’t for me.  You have to work weekends and holidays and I want to have a family, so I decided not to become a chef.”

He hasn’t, however, ruled out the hospitality field.  He has an interview with Martin’s West and recognizes that his culinary skills will be an asset in this large banquet facility or any large hotel. The hospitality field is one of the largest growing occupations in Maryland and jobs are plentiful.  Eventually, when Lonnie gets his business degree and with his experience in the field, there will be unlimited job prospects for him.  Lonnie will not have to worry about getting laid off and struggling to find a job.

Attending AACC is a commute he doesn’t regret.  He finds the campus to be beautiful and the friendships he’s made with his peers are great. He’s never regretted his decision to attend AACC. He just makes one smart decision after another!