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Louis Ciufolo-Dickey, Web Technology Student

“AACC’s reputation is amazing.”

Louis proudly calls himself a computer nerd.  This is pretty amazing considering Louis only got his first computer four years ago.  He says he couldn’t afford one.  He’s been a struggling actor for 20 years.  (He appeared in an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. Any true aficionado of the show knows that’s totally cool.) After he got laid off from his last job, he talked to the unemployment staff and found out that if he was willing to be retrained in a high-demand field, he would qualify for funds to help him with his education.  He loved graphics and thought that Web technologies might be the field for him.

“When I got to this campus I realized I had come home,” he related.  “My first class with Krysten Hall Hall was amazing.  She instilled a love of the subject that has never left me.”

Louis plans on earning a certificate and an associate’s degree in Web technologies.  He wants to pair his love of history with his new skills and create Web pages to turn people on to ancient history.  Louis has a history degree from the University of Maryland and a lot of experiences that life has given him.

“I lost my mother recently to Alzheimers’s disease.  When something like that happens, you realize you have to use your mind to keep learning new things because it can so easily be taken away.”

Louis has had to learn his computer skills from scratch. He’s done remarkably well in a short period of time.  There’s no doubt he will reach his ultimate educational goal: a doctoral degree.  You see, Louis is amazing, too.