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Lynda Fitzgerald, Coordinator, Performing Arts-Dance

“AACC is a great place to start your college career because it is affordable and the faculty are excellent.”

Lynda Fitzgerald has worked at AACC for 18 years. She was originally hired in 1987 to work in admissions part time. At that time there were only two dance courses: jazz and ballet.

A semester after Lynda started working at the college the jazz teacher went out on maternity leave, so Lynda, who has been dancing since she was 8, took over her class. Lynda was also supposed to teach another dance class but it got cancelled. The students who had signed up for that class were disappointed by the cancellation, so they got together and created the AACC Dance Company as a student activity through the Student Association.

Lynda became the director of the company and the group’s first public performance was held in the spring of 1989. Since then the Dance Company has grown at a phenomenal rate. By offering opportunities to choreograph and perform, the company has become very competitive and students must audition to become members.

Along her pathway to where she is today, Lynda was asked to create a dance curriculum for the college. So Lynda took the 2 existing classes, rewrote them, and moved them from physical education to performing arts. The program took off from there and, for about 10 years now, AACC has offered an Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in dance.

Lynda is extremely proud of all of her dance students, including Dance Company member Jamile McGee, who is a contestant on the new Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance.

“I love watching students’ faces when they finally achieve something they have been working really hard on,” said Lynda. “It is really amazing. They may not see it in themselves as much as I see it. I find it so rewarding. Those little victories they get along the way—that is such a reward in itself.”

In her personal life, Lynda is proud of her husband and her two teenage sons. She is also glad that she ended up at AACC teaching dance. She not only enjoys working with the students, but also the other faculty and staff members at the college.

“It seems like such a wonderful, supportive environment. I am doing what I really wanted to do. I get to be creative and I get to share what I love with other people.

“AACC is a great place to start your college career because it is affordable and the faculty are excellent,” continued Lynda. “There are a lot of opportunities here that students can take advantage of that I think will help them in either deciding on their career or starting their career.”