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Mike Smythe, Business Management Student

“I had no doubts about attending AACC.  My mom graduates this spring and I’m following in her footsteps.”

Mike graduated from Severna Park High School last year.  When the time came to decide what college he wanted to attend, there was no hesitation.  He made good grades, so he could have gone to a school with selective admissions but he knew that the best choice was Anne Arundel Community College.

“My mother attends AACC and really likes it. She’s a general studies major and plans to go through the Rad Tech program at the college. It’s a good choice for me, too, because the college has a great reputation and it’s not expensive.”

Mike is still undecided about a number of things and he knows that AACC is a good place to try out some courses and see if he likes them.  He admits that if he thinks something is fun, he’ll do well in it.  He likes to fix cars and loves his Honda del Sol.  He has traveled a bit, since his father was career-Navy, so he thinks he’d like to live in another part of the country.  He also thinks he’d like to run his own business since he doesn’t want to work for someone else.  It’s just deciding on the particular business, is the unanwsered question.

To help him with some of his decisions, Mike has taken advantage of the college’s academic advising office. He found Pam Bowerman to be particularly helpful in identifying what classes to take. He also likes using the college’s Web portal, MyAACC to register online, e-mail his professors, get his grades and just see what the college has to offer.  So while he is exploring all of his options, AACC is just the right place for Mike.