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I am AACC: Melissa Lehman, Alumnus

Alumnus Snapshot

Alumnus Snapshot: Melissa Lehman

Age: 21

Hometown: Glen Burnie

Graduated from AACC: 2007

It has been seven months since Melissa Lehman walked across the AACC stage and received her 2-year degree as a general studies major, officially transitioning from college student to college alumnus. Since then, she's narrowed down her future plans, maintained strong ties with AACC, and is pursuing her bachelors at University of Maryland University College.

What made you decide to attend AACC?
My mom went here before and it’s one of the best investment decisions that I’ve made because the four-year university is so much more expensive than Anne Arundel. I guess I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do.

Describe your experience at AACC.
It was positive, I really enjoyed it. Just like other students, I wished AACC was a four-year school. My third year I started getting involved in extracurricular activities like History Club and Baptist Campus Ministry where I made a lot of friends who I still come back to visit.

History Club Activities:
We watched movies and went on different field trips to the Renaissance Festivals in Mt. Vernon and New York.

Baptist Campus Ministry Activities:
Baptist Campus Ministry was fun, too. We did fun things like all night bowling but it was more of an activist club. We ended up helping kids pass out candy in Baltimore city at this one church in Federal Hill that’s gone through some changes with the people who were living there. 

Who encouraged you to get involved?
My friend who I met from the bus mentioned Baptist Campus Ministry, but it was something I wanted to do on my own. I saw them recruiting for different activities and it’s helped me grow spiritually. I keep in touch with the former campus ministry leader at College Park. 

Any other notable activities that you were involved in around campus? 
I was in sociology class and for extra credit you could do service learning and I ended up volunteering at the Child Development Center. I made a friend there that I knew from being on the bus and she was involved with Baptist Campus Ministry.

What professors had an impact on you?
I’ve really enjoyed my professors. I enjoyed Dr. Tengwall, he just makes the class really interesting. The nice thing about him was that if you were sick, and unfortunately I was a couple of times, you could watch his lectures on tape and he’s just really interesting.
I really liked Professor Brooks. I took African American History with him and he taught us about all the great individuals who aren’t recognized who are African American.

What attracted you to history?
It’s really interesting and the people are really interesting. I like United States history but when I took the history of modern China at UMUC, I really enjoyed that also.

Future Career Goal: 
I’d like to be a high school teacher.

What advice would you give to a recent high school graduate who might be undecided about where to go? 
I would say go to AACC and take some general education courses. Some of them are tough so definitely be prepared to study. Some classes are easier than others and there are different things people are good at.
I’d also say try new things because most people don’t know what they want to do with their life. 

Quick Facts:
Melissa works part time at Victoria's Secret.
She teaches fourth and fifth grade Sunday school.

Watching TV, relaxing, spending time with family, reading

Final thoughts about AACC:
I like that there’s a diverse group of people of all ages and it’s a really good investment to come here instead of having to go to a four-year college. kr

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