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I am AACC: Mary Stanton, Student

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Education Major

In addition to her full class schedule, Mary conducts group tutoring for supplemental instruction (SI), math lab tutoring, and one-on-one math tutoring, totaling 16 hours a week in preparation and face time.

“When I first started SI, I had no idea what it was,” she says of the free tutoring service for students in biology, math, and law. “But Dr. Kapoor, my precalculus professor asked if I would be interested in leading SI and I said, ‘OK.’ I thought it would fit in with my education major so I thought, ‘That makes sense.’”

She’s now in her second semester of math tutoring and her third semester of SI tutoring. “In past years I conducted supplemental instruction sessions for precalculus, but this year I switched to biology, which I love. I wanted to do something a little bit different and have that experience. That’s one of the reasons I want to teach at an elementary school because I want to teach math and history and English and all the subjects and have that flexibility where they cross. Math isn’t just in math; it happens everywhere.”

Mary plans to graduate from AACC this spring and finish her bachelor's at Bowie State University. “I want to teach elementary school while I get my master’s degree in special education, and then I want to teach special education on a junior high level and maybe pursue teaching math. Once I do that, ultimately I would like to come back to AACC and work in the TEACH institute and help the next generation of teachers.”

Her enthusiasm and determination shows in her mantra of making the most out of her educational experiences. She praises her time at AACC and describes leaving as “bittersweet”.

“I have really enjoyed my experience here,” she says. “In a way I’m glad I’m graduating but in another way I’m not because that means I have to leave.

“I would encourage anybody to begin his or her college career at the community college level. I’ve talked to a couple people that I know have children that are getting to be that age and I say definitely have them start at the community college. There’s a big difference between college and high school and I’ve talked to students coming in and for them it’s been a big shock. I think the community college offers a fantastic transition.” kr

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