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I am AACC: Mary Stanton, Student

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Influential teachers
"In the TEACH institute, my very first teacher was Dr. Hurbanis, the chair of that department, and she really impressed me and made me feel comfortable coming back to school. She had an obvious passion for the subject and caring for the students.

"One thing that has always struck me is how many passionate community college professors there are and how much they care about their students, for example, Mary Wilson, a professor of mathematics. I had her and I see her occasionally and she’s always excited to see me and it’s nice to be able to make that connection with some of your professors.

"This semester one of the best professors I have is my physical science professor Jason Barbour because of his enthusiasm. I have never seen a professor jump up on a desk or a table. He brings what could be a dull subject to life. He engages his students into the subject, which is important for learning."

Other Campus Involvement
Student Education Association (SEA) and Phi Theta Kappa

Encouragement for Adult Learners
“The students on campus and professors are very accepting. If you’re very hesitant, I would suggest trying one class, an evening class. Evening classes have more adult learners than day classes so they may feel more comfortable at first.

“Also, I wanted to take all these classes when I first came to AACC but my advisor said, ‘Don’t do it, you want to be successful first.’ My advice to an adult learner coming back would be to take a class first and let yourself be successful. Don’t overburden yourself with 18 credits, that would be too much.”

Family Support
"Now that I’m in school my husband does all the cooking. He makes my breakfast in the morning and lunch to go to school. He spoils me to no end. As an adult learner and to have that support is really important because without that support, it makes it much more difficult."

For fun
“I always try to take an art class. It’s not a part of my major but it’s a part of who I am. By exploring myself through drawing and sculpture, it lets me find out more about myself and my community and maybe the world, to come to a better understanding.

Besides art I like to read; I always have a book in addition to my class book. I enjoy being outside and hiking and I want to take a ballet class; I’ve always wanted to take ballet.”

AACC Impressions
“One thing that impressed me about the college aside from their academics are their activities available for students to explore their own interests. Academics are important but they’re not the end all. You need to explore yourself and find out who you are, and the community college is a great opportunity because there are so many courses.”

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