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Nancy Lindell, Administrative Assistant to the Dean

“Our vision has come true. AACC is a premier learning institution and it is well known in the United States as being that kind of institution.”

Nancy Lindell really knows AACC. She has worked here for 15 years and in four different areas at the college. She started in Planning and Research and moved to Student Services. Then Nancy left the college for 5 months. She came back and worked in Information Services, but eventually moved over to the School of Health Professions, Wellness and Physical Education. She has been the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of that school for one year now.

“This is a great place to work,” said Nancy. “I like the people the most. I like managing projects, interacting with my team, and being able to call upon everyone’s strengths to make something happen. Every job has pluses and minuses, but AACC's  pluses outweigh the minuses. We have wonderful benefits, the people are great, and our leadership is on our side. I am proud to say I work at AACC.”

Nancy switched jobs several times during her tenure at AACC because of her strong desire to grow and learn new things. At AACC, she has that opportunity, not only in the office but also in the classroom. When Nancy started working at the college in 1990 she also started attending college. This past December she earned a certificate in business management with a concentration in business communications.

“Whether someone wants to take one class or go for a degree, I think we offer the best education you can get in Maryland,” said Nancy. “We have excellent faculty, a good curriculum, and small classes.”

Outside of AACC, Nancy enjoys making jewelry, hiking, traveling, riding horses and motorcycles, and spending time with her children and her dog Cisco, who is part doberman and part terrier.

Nancy is glad she made the decision to work at AACC. The opportunities to grow are endless. Nancy said she will continue to take classes and may even go for an associate’s degree in business management. In the meantime, she hopes to make her office the best Administrative Team on campus!

Interested in hearing more about Nancy’s AACC experience? Send her an e-mail!