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Pamela McNally, Business Management Graduate

“MyAACC gives faculty and students a communication tool that can be used anytime.”

Pamela, who recently graduated from AACC, currently works as an Administrative Assistant in the Business and Financial Resources office at the College.

She started working at AACC in October 1994 as an evening part-time secretary for academic advising. Two years later, she started taking classes at the college part time.

“I like working at AACC and I like the location and the design of the campus,” said Pamela. “I found the flexibility of the classes to be very attractive. I took telecourses, online and in-class courses and the times were convenient for working adults. The teachers were helpful and knowledgeable in their course of study. They were enthusiastic to share their knowledge with the students.”

As an AACC student, Pamela frequently used MyAACC, the online student portal, to stay informed about her classes and to communicate with her teachers.

“MyAACC gives faculty and students a communication tool that can be used anytime, since they can’t always be in a room at the same time,” said Pamela. “It helped me stay on top of topics for each class session and helped me to be organized. If there was something I missed I could retrieve it from MyAACC.

I used MyAACC to register for classes, to get my grades, search the online library catalog, communicate with teachers, and view the class syllabus and class notes," she explained. "I used it at least 4 to 5 times a week. The program evaluation tool (located under Student/Faculty Online Services) was useful because I could see if I was still on track to complete my degree and what classes I would need to take if I changed my major."

Pamela graduated from AACC in May 2005 with an associate of applied science in business management with a concentration in computer information technology. She also earned a certificate in computer information technology. She is now working on a bachelor of science at University of Maryland University College. She plans on majoring in either accounting or business administration.

AACC helped steer Pamela down the right path both professionally and academically. Even though she has already completed her associates, she says that she will keep learning at AACC and continue to build her career at the College.

“I will always be a continuing student at AACC, taking classes to enhance my job skills,” said Pamela.

Interested in learning more about Pamela’s experience? Send her an e-mail.