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Rachelle Lipschultz, Assistant Professor of Psychology

“AACC is at the cutting edge of being innovative in serving its students.”

Rachelle Lipschultz is in her sixth year of teaching at AACC and has enjoyed every minute. Before coming to AACC, Rachelle got her feet wet in the teaching world through a variety of part-time jobs, including teaching academically-talented middle and high school students, and working as a teacher’s assistant during graduate school at UMBC.

“I love teaching because I believe that all education, even if it's not directly related to a student's major, will help students to grow as people and become more empowered in their own lives,” said Rachelle. “I am proud to work here. AACC is at the cutting edge of being innovative in serving its students, whether it is developing quality online courses, offering flexible class schedules, or encouraging faculty to have thematic learning clusters.”

In the classroom, Rachelle shares her love of psychology with her students.

“For a long time I wanted to be a teacher and I was always fascinated by what makes people behave the way that they do,” said Rachelle. “People are always looking for easy answers to human behavior. They want to know how we can make kids better readers, for example, and they want a one-line answer. I think part of what makes it so fascinating is that it is never that simple.”

In addition to psychology, Rachelle also teaches family and parenting classes for the Family Outreach Network, the Parenting Center at AACC.

“The Family Outreach Network is not just for parents,” explained Rachelle. “Someone who is thinking about being a parent, or who is a babysitter, an aunt, grandparent, or even a friend of someone with children can benefit from the classes. I hear it a lot in my classes: ‘You need a license to drive a car but anyone can have a kid.’ And that’s true. People need to realize that a lot of parenting is common sense but not all of it is common sense. A lot of times what we can show people is not necessarily that they are doing something wrong, but just a way to do something easier or more effectively or with less stress. If you are a parent, that alone can be worth its weight in gold.”

This past December Rachelle finished up her classes for her doctorate in psychology at Capella University. This Ph.D. student is now keeping herself busy working on her dissertation and comprehensive exams. She is also preparing for her upcoming wedding in March.

Interested in learning more about Rachelle’s experience; the psychology department; or the Family Outreach Network, the Parenting Center at AACC? Send her an e-mail!