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What do you like to do in your spare time?
“Buddhism. I’ve practiced it for thirty years. I’m the head of a lay organization for Anne Arundel County and the Eastern Shore of Maryland so a lot of my time is helping people within the organization. I really love nature and right now we live a five-minute drive from the Tuckahoe River so I love to go out on my kayak. This time of year I can go out on my kayak before I come to work and you can tell on those days because I come in with a big smile on my face.”

What other interests do you have?
“I have my own photography business. I do everything from photographing weddings to nature photography. My favorite is nature photography. I sell those at different shows throughout the area. I just did a show in Centreville through the Queen Anne’s County Federation of the Arts and I enter the Kent Island Federation of the Art exhibit, Quiet Waters Arts Festival, and the college show during Christmastime.”

Are you involved with your community?
"Community activities are with the art community. One thing I’m going to be doing soon is photographing children in foster homes. It’s a volunteer effort where they've asked professional photographers to give their time to photograph them so they can publish the photos."

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