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I am AACC: Romy Jones, Student

Student Snapshot

Name: Romy Jones

Major: General Studies

Student Activities & Involvement
Campus Activities Board events coordinator
International Student Association member
Phi Theta Kappa member chair 
Virtual Campus Team student representative

Age: 26

Hometown: Leipzig, Germany

For a twenty-six year old, Romy Jones has lived a life well beyond her years—she’s got the passport and mileage to prove it. The German native has traveled to forty U.S. states (and counting!) and visited an assortment of countries including Sweden, Norway, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. So how did a young a world traveler arrive at the threshold of AACC?

In 2005, Romy came to Maryland after her husband’s job (Army) relocated them to Ft. Meade. She started working as a nanny and decided she wanted to pursue her undergraduate degree. However, coming from a country where education is free, she hadn’t financially planned for her western education. “AACC is right on the base at Ft. Meade,” she says. “I went to the education center and talked to them and they were really nice. I decided to go there and thought it was the best thing to do.”

After enrolling in May 2006, Romy thrived academically, taking a load of online classes to fulfill her General Studies major. Fluent in German and English and knowledgeable in Spanish, her evident passion for learning different cultures explains her plans to one day be a college professor of German and intercultural communication. Needless to say she thoroughly enjoys her classes and program.

“I like it because I get to educate people about Germany. It’s not just teaching the language, it’s teaching about culture. [German] is kind of dying out. Not a lot of people take it anymore and I’m trying to bring it back.”

Compared to her German education, Romy has found AACC to be much more intimate and attentive to her as a student.

“The class sizes are a lot smaller,” she explains. “In Germany there were 400 people and no contact with the professors really, but here you can talk to professors and they know you by name.” She notes Spanish professor Russell Hultgren as a personal favorite who taught her Spanish 211 and 212. “I still keep in touch with him,” she says. “He’s written me a couple of letters of recommendation.”

She adds another significant difference in education: “In Germany for college you take a test once and if you fail or you don’t do well, that’s it. Here, there is so much more opportunity.” And Romy has taken full advantage of that since being at AACC. In addition to maintaining a 4.0 GPA, she is the events coordinator for the Campus Activities Board through Student Life, member of the International Student Association, student representative for the Virtual Campus Team, and chair of Phi Theta Kappa’s Angel Tree Project.

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