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Shad Ewart, Director of Business Programs

“I think we have highly dedicated instructors and a support staff that is second to none.”

Shad Ewart has worked at AACC for 10 years and is proud of what he is doing.

“In education, we are helping people,” said Shad. “I truly believe that. I could sell anything. I could sell candy. I could sell cars. But selling education—at least I am helping people out.”

This energetic and dynamic business department chair earned his B.S. from the University of Arizona and M.B.A. from University of Maryland. He has experience in small business consulting and has have helped a number of businesses get started or become more efficient. He has even owned some small businesses.

Shad said that he came to AACC because he thinks it is the shining star of the Maryland educational system. “I think it is the best community college in Maryland and I wanted to be associated with it.”

As director of the Business Administration and Management programs at AACC, Shad teaches classes, supervises seventeen full-time employees, and works to enhance the department’s offerings. 

“I want this to be the best business department in the state and the country,” said Shad. “I want it to be known as cutting edge, with great instruction, and the place to go for business instruction in Anne Arundel County.”

With its high-quality instruction and world-class courses, AACC offers the right foundation for such a successful business department.

“We have great instructors,” said Shad. “You are going to get instructors that care about you across the board, no matter what your degree program is. When you take Principles of Accounting 1 here, you are basically getting what you would have gotten at University of Maryland College Park. I think we have highly dedicated instructors and support staff that is second to none.

“We stay on the cutting edge of all things that are changing in the industry and we incorporate that in our classes very quickly,” continued Shad. “In our business department we have an advisory board where every year we bring in the business people from this county—those that are hiring our students—and ask what is working and what is not. For example, we used to teach Peachtree and the business people said they were using Quickbooks, so the next semester we changed to Quickbooks.”

Shad, who hopes to one day serve as the vice president or president at a college, believes good teaching equals good learning for students. With that belief, it’s no surprise why he sees AACC as a shining star.