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Meet Sharon Scott, AACC Graduate, Class of 2005

“I’ve had a great experience and I think it’s a really good school.” 

On Thursday, May 26, Sharon Marie Scott graduated with honors from AACC with an AA in General Studies. 

It’s been a long journey for Sharon in more ways than one. She enrolled for her first class in the fall of 1990 and in each semester she enrolled, she has taken a single course. In the interim she has gotten married and moved to Pennsylvania, developed leukemia and went through intensive chemotherapy, defied the odds of chemotherapy by having two babies and continued to take classes at AACC.  She’s been doggedly persistent and has reached this educational goal with honors.

Hers is the story that is typical of many community college students.  She works full time and has the tenacity to achieve a dream. The company that Sharon works for in Elkridge has been very supportive of her and provides tuition assistance.  That has made the commute from Pennsylvania worth it to Sharon.  She also admits that she really enjoyed AACC and wanted to finish what she had started here.

“I’ve had a great experience and I think it’s a really good school.  The television and online classes really helped me conquer the problem of attending a school that was so far away. Having the campus at Arundel Mills was good, too.  It’s so close to work.”

Sharon admitted that her last class was college mathematics and for that difficult subject she really wanted the support of a teacher in a classroom.  No distance learning for that hurdle!

Eventually, Sharon wants to become a nurse. She’s taken a lot of the prerequisite courses but is not ready to apply for admission to the nursing program yet.  Her mother died of breast cancer a few years ago and her own experience with cancer has solidified her aspirations to help other people. For now she plans to take the summer off.  With her persistence and family’s support, Sharon will reach this next goal, too.