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I am AACC: Shane Sarver, Student

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Snapshot: Twenty Questions with Shane Sarver, Student Association President

Who: Shane Sarver
Age: 19
Residential history: Navy transplant; has lived in Connecticut, California, Kentucky, Virginia, and now Annapolis for ten years
Family: Mom, Dad, 1 sister, 1 brother
Alma mater: Broadneck High School
Years at AACC: 3

[The Twenty]

What made you decide to attend AACC?
It’s close and cheaper and you get the same education as a four-year school. My sister was here before me. I know it’s a good school. A lot of people I graduated with are here.

You’re a History major, what made you decide to study history?
I’ve always really liked history. I watch the history channel and read a lot of history books.

I want to
“…get my masters in post secondary education and go into student life.”

How did you get involved with the Student Association?
I was involved with Student Association last year. When my sister was here she was CAB chair and she forced me to go, so I went to that, and then I started getting involved and Chris Storck encouraged me to run.

What are some of your job responsibilities? 
I run all the SA meetings, I act as liaison between Student Association, and I report to the Board of Trustees and work with other clubs.

What are some of your main goals this year? 
I really want to work on school spirit. We don’t have any here. I want to build that up and get people to care about the college rather than just coming to classes and moving. Last year we had Pioneer Day at a lacrosse game and tried to get people to come with spirit beads and shirts. We’re going to try and do that for all different sports. We want to do something with the mascot, whether it’s the birds on everything or the pioneer.
We’re going to talk to students and see what they think—if there should even be a mascot and work from there.

How do you view your transition from Student Association member to president? 
A lot of people who are in the Student Association now were there last year so I pretty much know most people and some new people, which I think will make it easier.

What’s most challenging about being Student Association president? 
Finding time to do everything. I’m still a full-time student and I work a part-time job—I work at the Navy ticket office and sell football tickets.

Expected graduation?  
Spring semester 2008

Plans after AACC? 
I’m going to transfer to Salisbury University on the eastern shore and get my bachelors in history.

What’s your experience at AACC been like? 
It’s been great. All teachers in history have been great, and the staff here has been great, too.

When you’re not at school… 
I’m a big sports fan. I like watching sports, going to games and watching them on TV. My favorite college team to watch is Navy football; professionally I like the Redskins. I like going to concerts. My favorite band is Jack’s Mannequin.

School involvement? 
CAB member

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