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I am AACC: Shane Sarver, Student

Why would you recommend AACC to others? 
I would recommend it because you get the same education as a four-year school and you save a ton of money doing it. And for most people it’s close to home.

What advice do you have for a new AACC student? 
Most of my friends are in the Student Association and activities board, so just being involved.
Because it’s a commuter school, there is no community at college. People aren’t here except for their classes so no one really feels like they belong. It’s more people coming to us. But for all events we do we have cards that we hand out when the events come out, we put fliers up everywhere, we give them to students and post things in the dining hall. It’s a lot of fun. It looks good on a resume and that’s how I met all my friends here, as cheesy as it sounds.

How can people find out more about Student Association?
Student Association Web site

Summer highlight? 
I went to Italy for seventeen days through an organization called the National Italian American Foundation. 45 students were sent over there for ten days and the last seven I spent with a friend. I really liked St. Peter's in the Vatican and the duomo in Florence. We went up 500 steps in the duomo, which is the tallest point in Florence.

Last concert attended?  
The Format at Loyola College

Favorite sport to watch?  
College football

Role model? 
Lance Armstrong


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