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What Our Students Have to Say

Our students are proud to say they attend AACC. Here are some reasons why:

  • “It seems like AACC goes out of its way to be student friendly and help any way it can.” – Craig Reynolds, Student Board Member
  • “My experience here has been wonderful and there are fantastic teachers here.” – Candice Allgood, General Studies Student
  • "I love this school. I love everything about it—the people, the teachers, and the campus."  -Hana Thornhill, Theatre Major
  • “Since I came to AACC, I’ve gotten the extra help to be successful.”  -Marco LaRocca, Criminal Justice Major
  • “I’ve had a great experience and I think it’s a really good school.” - Sharon Scott, AACC Graduate, Class of 2005
  • “AACC is recognized as one of the best in the country and it was right in my own backyard.” - Lauren Grande, General Studies Student
  • “I think AACC is the best path for a student to get started in college.”  - Kristen Kibler, Student Athlete
  • “This place is phenomenal!” - Calvin Jackson, Information Systems- Security Major
  • “AACC is such a great school.  I could go almost anywhere, but I wanted to get my start here before I transferred.” - Jennifer Miller, Business Student
  • A degree from AACC is an asset.  You’ll never regret your decision to come here.” - Lonnie Jordan, Business Major
  • “A college degree is really important for you to be successful long-term.  A degree from AACC is essential to your success.” - Henry Anderson, Student Athlete
  • “The faculty work hard to make sure you understand the material, that’s why AACC is the best!” - Dria Mutwakil, ESL Student
  • “AACC is a great school.  You get to know the teachers and they take the time to get to know you!” - Maile O’Shea, Communication Arts Major
  •  “AACC dispelled my image of two-year schools.  It’s great!” - Joel Colon, Human Services Club President
  • “AACC has encouraged me to pursue my dream and reach for the stars.” - Jen Kohlhafer, Dance Major
  •  “If I had the choice to go to another college, I wouldn’t. I would definitely choose AACC again.”  - Erica Cornish, Business Management Major
  •  “AACC can help you specialize in something for the future or help you generally in life.” -  Christopher Hearse, Liberal Arts Major
  •  “AACC really trained me to be more dedicated with what I do.” -  Kathryn C. Peria, Campus Activities Board (CAB) Chair
  •  “This is the place to get involved and this is where you will change your life for the better.” -  Chad Burns, Student Association President
  •  “I have never had so much encouragement from teachers and peers as I do at AACC.”  -  Amber Schroen, Pre-Veterinary Studies