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The National Career Pathways Network 2014 Annual Conference
October 12 - October 14, 2014--Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.

The theme of this year's conference is Building Capacity: Aligning for the Future. Keynote speakers include 2011 Michigan online Teacher of the Year, Andrew Vanden Heuvel and author, Chad Foster, Career Readiness for TeensLearn more about the National Career Pathways Conference and National Career Pathways Network

Labor News 

The 2014-2015 edition of the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) has been released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The OOH reflects the Bureau's 2012-22 employment projections and can be accessed online at

Detailed information on 2012-22 projections appears in the January 2014 issue of Monthly Labor Review. Highlights of projections can be viewed in a graphic presentation appearing in Occupational Outlook Quarterly, accessible at

Program Pathways Update

Through 27 articulated program pathways, 366 high school students have been awarded a combination of 2,569 AACC credits, for a savings of over $226,000!

Interesting News in Education

Education Week – November 18-22, 2013 
A worker's level of education has a greater effect on his or her earnings over the course of a 40-year career than any other demographic factor, including gender or race, according to a study released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Read the full article here.  

The Lumina Foundation, an Indianapolis-based private foundation committed to making college possible for all students reports that more than ever education, especially college-level learning equals opportunity, as well as economic and personal prosperity, and is essential to the ongoing success of our democracy. Read their full report: A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education.  

In a 2012 article, College Graduation: Weighing the Cost..and the Payoff,the Washington, D.C.  Pew Research Foundation takes a look at the escalating cost of college, student debt, the job market and whether an upper-level degree is providing value and a higher earning payoff.

Maryland "Race to the Top" 
The "Race to the Top" program is aimed at boosting student achievement, reducing gaps in achievement among student subgroups, turning around struggling schools, and improving the
teaching profession. 

According to Education Week's Quality Counts Survey, Maryland public schools rank first in performance and politicies overall. Read full article here.  

For the eighth year in a row, Maryland ranks #1 in AP success with 29.6% of public high school seniors scoring at the mastery level! Read full report here, The College Board, 10th Annual AP Report to the Nation, February 14th.  
Governor O’Malley has continued to commit record investments to Maryland’s public schools, despite difficult economic times. Read more about what is happening in Maryland Education on the Governor's webpage.