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CEWD Job Training 2
AACC is partnering with a World-Renowned Consulting Partner, Growth Development (GDA) to provide two extraordinary course offerings which impact any business or industry!

What Courses will I take?

BIS-590 Consultative Sales
One in four open job postings requires sales or customer-facing skills. Consultative Selling is the heart of the sales process. Sales is not pushing things on people; sales are connecting people’s needs with the products and services of your organization. Students in Consultative Selling will build and hone the fundamental skills necessary for effective sales and customer support conversations. Consultative Selling students will learn the exact same sales skills that have been taught to sales professionals worldwide. Graduates of Consultative Selling will be highly prepared to get hired and perform well in sales careers.

BIS-591 Workplace Communication
Employers today are looking to hire and keep engaged employees. Employees need to be effective communicators, problem solvers, and team players. They need to understand the perspective of others, present ideas effectively and manage conflict that offers effective solutions. The Essentials of Workplace Communication curriculum focuses on the 21st century skills that are foundational for productive day-to-day workplace interactions.


Consultative Selling Workplace Communication

In this class learn how to:

  • Establish rapport.
  • Create interest.
  • Question for needs.
  • Present the solution.
  • Close for commitment.
  • Handle objections.

In this class learn how to:

  • Establish connections.
  • Gain engagement.
  • Understand perspective.
  • Propose solutions.
  • Resolve issues.
  • Gain agreement.


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