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Project Managers update your skills or earn a certificate with these continuing education courses. AACC's continuing education business courses are taught by highly credentialed and experienced teachers. You can benefit from the most current information in your field or explore courses in related fields. We partner with companies and professional organizations to offer nationally recognized certifications and AACC also offers continuing education certificate programs to help demonstrate to employers that you've acquired a valuable body of knowledge.

What courses will I take?

Project Management

BNS-513 Project Management Fundamentals (online) ed2go

BNS-514 Project Management Applications (online) ed2go

OLA-357 Introduction to Microsoft Project 2013 (online) ed2go

PMP Certification Prep

BNS-516 PMP Certification Prep I (online) ed2go

BNS-517 PMP Certification Prep II (online) ed2go

Management and Supervision

BIS-551 Management Boot Camp (online) LERN*

BNS-579 Supervisory and Leadership (online) LERN*

DLC-324 Introduction to Business Analysis (online) ed2go

MGM-503 Fundamentals of Supervision and Management (online) ed2go

MGM-504 Fundamentals of Supervision and Management 2 (online)

BIS-578 Executive Leadership in the 21st Century (online) LERN*

BIS-579 Optimizing Leadership Efficiency (online) LERN*

BIS-566 Negotiating: Get What You Want (online) LERN*


*LERN - Learning Resources Network Inc.

What credentials can I earn?

Certificate in Fundamentals of 21st Century Project Management

courses may be taken individually or as part of the certificate. Learn the fundamentals of Project Management or prepare for your PMP Certification with these courses.

How do I enroll?

Register online, by mail or in person.

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