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The Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Web Security series is for those who configure, manage and deploy e-business solutions servers, and implement e-business and network security solutions. This series offers three levels of credential to recognize the achievements of those who have also attained levels of proficiency in networking administration and now want to validate and prove their competencies in security. The CIW Web Security series certifications include the CIW Web Security Associate, Specialist and Professional.

What is the training?

OLT-371 CIW Web Security Associate

Prepare in part to take the CIW Web Security Associate exam and learn to identify security principles and techniques that enable you to stop a hacker by understanding how to implement access control lists, operating system hardening and firewall technology. Learn how to personalize your network security system so you can create a solution that adheres to universal principles, but also conforms to your business needs in responding to specific hacker attacks.  Learn about authentication procedures, encryption standards and implementations that help ensure proper user authentication. You will also learn about the specific ports and protocols that hackers manipulate, and about direct and indirect ways to protect your network operating systems and how to respond to and report hacker activity, engage in proactive detection, and always keep your company's needs in mind.

Other Certifications

Candidates who pass additional certifications beyond the CIW Web Security Associate can earn the higher level, CIW Web Security Specialist and CIW Web Security Professional certifications.

CIW Web Security Specialist - receive one additional certification from this list of CIW-recognized certifications.

CIW Web Security Professional - receive two additional certifications from this list of CIW-recognized certifications.

AACC offers the following CIW-recognized certification prep programs:


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